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  • Some Suggestions
  • Schematic of detector
  • Calculated refractive index vs. momentum or wavelength to illustrate threshold detector
  • Aerogel uniformity (dimension, thickness, index)
  • Aerogel optical properties (transmittance spectra perhaps with fits, efficiency for transmission and detection of photons)
  • Aerogel photon yield, e.g., vs. thickness
  • PMT characteristiccs (typical QE, typical response across photocathode, typical ADC/calibration spectra)
  • ...
  • Selection of Figures from elog and Wiki

Picture1.png Picture2.jpg

Refr index band.png Npe calculated n1.030.png Npe calculated n1.011.png

1030 box01 thickness.png 1030 box01 refractiveIndex.png

Transmittance 103.jpg Transmittance 1015.jpg All transmitt.jpg

Picture11.jpg Picture12.jpg Jlab training 06.jpg Wires steel05.jpg

1091.png Xp4500-gain.jpg Xp4500-xp4572-qe.jpg Test 249 3Dplot.png 150px ScanningSetup.jpg Mag-shield-dist.jpg