Laboratory of Single-Molecule Biophysics

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Abhijit Sarkar
Associate Professor

Physics Department

Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave NE
Washington, DC 20064

Office: 211 Hannan Hall

Lab: 431 Hannan Hall

Fax: (202)319-4448


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Research Interests

Our lab studies DNA-protein interactions using single molecule micromanipulation techniques. We do experiments on λ-DNA modified with a polystyrene bead on one end and a magnetic bead on the other. By altering the separation between the DNA and a permanent magnet, we can apply various forces to the DNA molecule. You can see some movies of experiments done in our lab using this technique. Image processing methods allow us to extract the extension of the DNA and the force with which it's being pulled. Using microspray protocols and other approaches, we can introduce DNA-binding proteins of interest and observe as they bind to the DNA which is held at a fixed force. When proteins bind and produce changes in the DNA length, say by forming loops in the DNA, the resulting force-extesion curves can be used to infer a great deal of information about the physics of the DNA-protein interaction. Our lab has developed several novel experimental and computational methods to precisely quantify these interactions.

We are also interested in developing statistical mechanical models of single molecule experiments. In general, I have an interest in applying ideas from condensed matter physics to better understand how genetic processes work on a variety of scales.

Current Members

Principal Investigator
Abhijit Sarkar

Graduate Students
Roberto Fabian
Barbara Medvar

Undergraduate Interns
Kiera Lyons
Jeremy Burgos

Bhupesh Taneja
Pamela Tuma
Mark Knepper
Andre X.C.N. Valente


PHYS 215-216
University Physics I-II

PHYS 469/669
Intro to Biophysics

PHYS 611 & 612
Mathematical Methods

PHYS 615
Advanced Mechanics

PHYS 621 & 622
Statistical Mechanics


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Computational Methods

Former Lab Members

Christopher Tyson
[Ph.D. 2015]

Christopher McAndrew
[Ph.D. 2012]

Ping Lu
[Post-doctoral associate 2013]

Margaret Wheeler
[Intern, Summer 2015]

Jacob Perreira
[Intern, Summer 2015]

Vishal Mummareddy
[Intern, Summer 2014]

Edward "Rhett" Cheek
[Intern, Summer 2014]

Catherine Premraj
[Intern, Summer 2014]

German Uritskiy
[Intern, Summer 2013]

Matheus Galvez
[Intern, Summer 2013]

Casey Vantucci
[Intern, Summer 2013]

Tara Lakeman
[Intern, Summer 2012]

Philip Allen
[Intern, Summer 2012]

Christine Dedoulis
[Intern, Summer 2012]

Angeline Premraj
[Intern, Summer 2012]

William Kraemer
[Intern, Summer 2011]

Nazanin Ghassamian
[Intern, Summer-Fall 2011]

Matthew Dion
[Intern, Summer 2011]

Joseph Zischkau
[Intern, Summers of 2009, 2010, 2011]

Helen DeCelles-Zwerneman
[Intern, Summer 2010]

Benjamin Buckeye
[Intern, Summer 2010]

Jonathan Luke
[Intern, Summers 2009 and 2010]